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Risk Engineering of Medical Devices

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In cooperation with the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung “(DGSV e.V.) and the Chair of Medical Engineering, initial investigations into a Germany-wide benchmark

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a major challenge for the entire world. Some of the infected become seriously ill and are in urgent

The Center for Usability and Risk Engineering for Medical Devices (CUREMeD) is supporting the usability evaluation of medical devices, which are developed

On November 26th, 2019 the MediTEC Semester Welcome took place again together with the CUREMeD Usability Challenge in cooperation with the CeMPEG

CUREMeD has been approved as institutional member of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery. Based on our long lasting experience

On May 15, 2019 the annual MediTEC Semester-Welcome together with the CeMPEG Usability Challenge in cooperation with the CeMPEG e.V. took place.