Center for Usability &
Risk Engineering of Medical Devices

Usability Challenge

Every year before Christmas the very popular CUREMeD Usability Challenge is conducted with students, guests and employees of the RWTH Aachen University. In the case of Christmas cookies and mulled wine, the challenge subjects are able to learn about the importance of usability and safety in the medical use context.

In laboratory test scenarios, the participants examine the influence of ergonomic design of medical devices’ interfaces, in e.g. aligning an X-ray C-arm (with and without positioning aid) and testing of an integrated surgical workstation as well as a planning and navigation system for the hip replacement surface replacement.
Furthermore “Usability Challenge Credit Points” can be collected within different “intraoperative surgical work tasks”.

This experience as well as the exchange about current research projects and study contents in an informal atmosphere always finds a very positive response.